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Pre Need Compassionate Service at your Time of Need

Every year, more and more people make their final arrangements in advance. Statistics indicate that over half of all services conducted will have been planned ahead of time. Competent preplanning usually removes a significant amount of pressure from loved ones yet still allows opportunity for input into important decisions.

We have many inquiries as to what is involved in arranging one's own funeral. By meeting with a licensed funeral director, people are able, at their pace, to specify every aspect of the service, including type of service, complete merchandise (casket, vault, urn, clothing, register book, etc.), music, scriptures, flowers, and more... every detail can be discussed.

As stated above, one thoughtful reason for planning ahead is to relieve part of an emotional burden from those you love. By making these determinations in advance, others are relieved from that responsibility. They then can concentrate on supporting each other rather than be asked to make exhausting decisions at a very emotional time. Families often agonize about what someone may have wanted. This is not an issue when advance planning is done. In addition, changes are permitted as desired or necessary.

All of this may seem appealing and easily done. For some, however, it is uncomfortable and for others, impossible. Discussing one's own funeral arrangements is not a pleasant topic. Sensitive to this reaction, there are some areas of prearrangements that may remain uncompleted. This is not uncommon. There is no set format that has to be followed – preferences can be as detailed or a general as desired.


The first is a series of questions regarding personal history and background information. This will be used for completing various documents and newspaper obituary purposes. Among these categories are:

Name, age, and address, and preference of what is printed in newspaper
Church membership
Any civic, social, or volunteer groups
Social security number
Spouse's name and maiden name with wedding date, as applicable
Veteran's history, if applicable
Place and date of birth, parents' names including mother's maiden name
Names of family members
Request for contributions to a church or charity
Employment history

The second section involves type of service.

Is it to be traditional funeral with earth burial? Where is funeral to take place – at place of worship or at funeral home? Is there to be a viewing the prior evening or the same day?
Is cremation a consideration? Is there to be a memorial service? What will be the disposition of the cremated remains?
Finally, there are arrangements which combine parts of traditional and nontraditional services that range from the basic to the complex.

The final section involves reviewing the expenses for the complete service. This will include all merchandise, funeral home charges, and outside costs to other suppliers. An itemized list is prepared. Quality prepayment plans are available but paying in advance is by no means required.

When all is done, a summary letter describing all that was discussed will be provided. Future circumstances may dictate changes and adjustments may be made. Some decisions may have arbitrarily been left to be made later.

When death occurs, a review and update of all information on file will take place, along with a discussion of some incidentals that could not have been planned ahead of time. Having the initial documentation as a reference alleviates the burden of starting anew.

This completes an overview of our funeral preplanning program. It would be our pleasure to answer any questions or meet with you. Please call or e-mail for either or any reason. There is no obligation, no pestering sales pitch, and no consultation fee.

Please click HERE to access a printable "Prearrangement Information Gathering Sheet".

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